digital trainers festival

Setup your own coaching or consulting system online

using instagram

in just 5 days!

Join us for a never-seen before live Training and get all the templates required to grow your coaching or consulting business online - Quick and Easy with No Technical Skills.

September 30th - 4th October : 8 PM to 10 PM

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get IN THE 5-DAYS FESTIVAL...

DAY 1: Groundbreaking Lead Generation Strategy

September 30th, Wednesday: 8 PM to 10 PM IST

($297 VALUE)

Get Your E-Book Done and Designed on 1st Day in less than 10 minutes which will act as your lead magnet to acquire high-quality leads. You will have to atleast pay no less than 297$ on fiverr if you have to get an ebook written and designed. Let's accomplish this strategy quickly and painlessly and for FREE. 

DAY 2: Crafting a Winning Combination of Course Curriculum and Course Name - Getting Your First Masterclass

October 1st, Thursday: 8 PM to 10 PM IST

($297 VALUE)

This Day, you will create a course curriculum for your audience that has 60-80% completion rate (the industry standard is 8%), you will also craft a winning course name and learn different ways to acquire first set of leads using design templates provided by us that will catapult you to success and create a new rush of buyers for you! 

And if there's one thing running an agency and a multi 6-figure business teaches you... you need systems and templates for EVERYTHING...

Day 3: Instagram Growth Hacks - The Diamond of Persuasion and Viral Traffic

October 2nd, Friday: 8 PM to 10 PM IST

($297 VALUE)

The Instagram Cure is the word for word, high converting plug-and-play editable template system that will have you achieving your first set of clients in 90% less time! No emailing, No boring webinars, No landing pages like these, easy simple tactic to increase your influence. Instagram Templates that is so irresistible that your customers can't help but buy from you! if you're not using this strategy, you're INSANE!

After spending years on building my brand and helping others to succeed on Instagram, I will be sharing templates which were originally designed for our high-end clients. 

DAY 4: Get Flooded With New Customers - Community Creation Strategy 

October 3rd, Saturday: 8 PM to 10 PM IST

($297 VALUE)

This Day, You will be Positioning yourself as the expert before the selling template that you will share with your newly generated leads (an absolute game-changer) and Present your offer with good ol’ scarcity and urgency… the winning duo! You will nurture your audience enough so that they buy the product you're selling. 

DAY 5: Heal Your "Money Wounds"

October 4th, Sunday: 8 PM to 10 PM IST

($297 VALUE)

This final day, you should know that your struggle ends here. You will learn how to automate the above processes and get customers like CLOCKWORK. This final day, you will also solidify your understanding of what works in your market and how to step-up your game. 

what will you achieve at the end of 5 days...

  • Your First Very own (or next) Digital Product - Ebook
  • Your online Positioning and Branding Done Right.
  • Your First Very own (or next) Course Curriculum Title and Design.
  • Transformed Instagram with Amazing Bio and Design Templates that you can use again and again to grow your high-paying followers.
  • Potential Students and Clients with the help of Instagram LIVE and SELLING Templates to nurture and sell your products to the potential prospects.

✅ 5-Day Challenge Sequence… check

✅ Beta Launch Sequence… check

✅ Lead Magnet Nurture sequence… check

✅ Instagram Positioning and Branding… check

✅ Profitable Online Education System… check

Are You Ready?

Launch with no ads, no course, low tech & get PAID (yas!)

Fill Your Business with new customers in as little as 5 days! 

Legendary you might say?


 BONUS #1: Design Templates
These Design templates will cost you a bomb if you hire a graphic designer, but you can eliminate that expense as I will share the best Design Templates, all you have to do is plug and play and re-brand it according to your business.

($297 VALUE)

 BONUS #2: Free Ebook Shared During the Festival on How to Grow Your Personal Brand
This 70-Pages full of case-studies ebook will help you to build your personal brand on Instagram and help you grow your own high-paying loyal followers. 

($37 VALUE)

 BONUS #3: Become Affiliate For LIFETIME

This private Affiliate system will help you earn by selling all the events and courses offered by Digital Scholar. Our Affiliate systems are the best and one of the most high paying. This would be your personal choice to promote the products and earn an passive income. 



$1819 ONLY $7 

or 499/- INR


hurry! Enrollment closes in...

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Keynote Speaker: Sorav Jain 

From: Chennai, India
Hi, My name is Sorav Jain and I'm a Digital Marketer with over 12+ Years of Experience. 

Here's the thing, I sell a lot of info-products (just like you), after lockdown - I had the opportunity to work with 4000+ students in my paid courses in last three months alone. Overall, I have worked with atleast 100,000+ students. 

The easiest way for me to sell was via Instagram where I was constantly building my audience and engaging and nurturing them in ways not possible via Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Marketing, Podcast, YouTube, Snapchat and even webinars. If you're focusing on that and not on Instagram, then you're wasting a lot of time. 

After getting 150k+ followers on Instagram with a verified profile and over 100k subscribers on YouTube and judged as the top digital marketing influencer of the world in 2020, I bring all my learnings and hard work over the years to you in these 5-Days to help you Become an Awesome Trainer.

       See you inside the Festival,
Watch the Invite from Sorav Jain for Digital Trainers Festival

here's A Recap of everything you'll get in the festival...

  • 5 Days Live Event with templates and worksheets.
  • ​BONUS #1: Instagram Templates (6999 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Free Ebook on How to Grow your Personal Brand on Instagram (999 Value)
  • ​BONUS #3: Become An Affiliate for lifelong (Priceless Value)


$1,799 ONLY $7 or 499/-



Digital Trainers Festival
is NOT for everyone

  • It's Not for Professionals who are happy with 9-5 Job!
  • It's Not for Affiliate Marketers
  • It's Not for Brick and Mortar Businesses who don't want to go online. 
  • It's Not for Someone who does not want to scale-up their business.


It's specially designed for all the coaches, Course Creators, consultants, Business Owners who want to setup their coaching, consulting ONLINE on INSTAGRAM and GET MORE SALES.

Stop Figuring! 

Start Earning! 

Teach, Transform, Transact. This is YOUR time. 

1500+ Happy Participants. See What they are saying about the Festival. 

—Shiva Charan, Professional


—Priyanka, French Expert

—Nidhi Sethi, Soft-Skills Trainer

frequently asked questions

 #1 I can’t attend all the live sessions. Will I get a recording?

Yes, with the Digital Trainers Festival ticket. For each session, we’ll provide a recording. You can watch online and you won’t miss a thing. You’ll receive 7-Days access to the recordings once the Festival Gets Over! 

 #2 How do I watch the live sessions?

Once you enrol, we will send you the links and reminders to log in and attend the event live, don't worry we have you covered. 

 #3 How do I watch the recording of the sessions?

All of it will be available in our learning management system. We will create a separate account for you and give you the credentials, you can access the recordings for 7-Days after the Festival Gets Over!

 #4 When is the next event?

Sorry! This is a one time event! We won't have this festival again anytime soon!

 #5 Is there a Refund Policy?

No, there is no refund policy as our association is for a lifetime with a lot of learnings and value. For this purpose, we don't offer any refund once the payment goes through. You will get bonuses worth 9999/- during the Festival. 

 #6 Is the Event Cost 499/- Covers Everything?

Yes, You Will get 5-Days Access to the Event and Templates and recordings. 499 is Early Bird Offer, the prices will go up as the event gets near! 


00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

This is a registered event conducted by Digital Scholar.  All rights reserved.

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